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Art Car Festival


An ordinary Sunday night outside of the Cerrito Theater briefly turned into a mobile art gallery. The Art Car Festival rolled into town and made a planned stop in front of the theater in order to catch the premiere screening of Harrod Blank‘s film Automorphosis.

Blank, a local filmmaker and art car creator, has been traveling the country and documenting art cars for the past 15 years. Many viewers in the audience were also in the film.

Blank paints the art car movement as a solution to the homogeneous freeway scene. We are “conditioned with imagery and messages that we should think a certain way,” said Blank prior to the screening.

He and some of the two dozen art car makers that were part of the festival use their cars as a canvas to convey a variety of messages. Most of the cars have a theme, some political, some historic or some holiday and then some are simply unique. All offer a creative alternative to your normal Civic or Camry, like the Volkswagen turned flame-spewing-armor-clad-snail. Check them out for yourself and don’t forget to let us know our thoughts.

Watch a video of some of the art car artists and check out the cars in the curbside slideshow.

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