VIDEO: VP Candidates On the Big Screen


On October 2, the long-awaited debate between vice-presidential candidates Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin took place at Washington University in Saint Louis. In El Cerrito, a politically charged crowd gathered at the Cerrito Theater to watch the internationally televised event.

Politics mixed with popcorn and viewers got a chance to see how the Democratic and Republican running mates stacked up against each other.

The El Cerrito Focus caught up with some viewers to get their thoughts on how the vice-presidential candidates performed. Just like the presidential debates, the event was free, and required waiting in a long line to get in. Once inside, the crowd booed, whistled, laughed, and even yelled at the screen as the candidates worked their way through an evening of domestic issues, financial woes and foreign policy.

In this video, you can see for yourself what some members of the audience had to say.

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