SLIDE SHOW: Phone Banking gets Youth Boost


On the final day of the election, dozens of volunteers gathered at the West Contra Costa Unified Campaign office for one last push for Obama.

After eight hours, team leader Rick Guerrero announced that their efforts resulted in over 8,000 phone calls today.  “Just two weeks ago, we were happy with 3,000 calls in a weekend,” said Guerrero.

Juanita Vaughns brought two highly-motivated volunteers to the office: her 10-year-old grandson Jared and his friend Camellia. Vaughns has noticed her grandson’s fascination with the presidential election. This past Friday, Jared even dressed as Barack Obama for Halloween, wearing a suit and an array of buttons.  “They know so much about what’s going on,” said Vaughns. “I can’t say that I was doing this at 10.”

Watch the slideshow below of Jared and Camellia calling for Obama.

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