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BLOG: Very Superstitious

Apparently the presidential hopefuls are not without their superstitions. The New York Daily News published an article detailing the various Election Day good luck charms and traditions of both candidates.

Sen. John McCain has almost as many good luck charms as there are swing states, “ranging from a trusty compass to a feather, pen, blue sweater, shoes and penny.”

Sen. Barack Obama will wear an eagle pin and carry around a small charm of a Hindu monkey god.

As for their election night activities, McCain will continue the tradition of watching a movie as the results start to come in. Trailing in national polls, perhaps he’ll enjoy the football underdog movie Rudy?

Obama has a tradition of playing basketball the day of a big vote, which he did during the long and grueling primary season. The one primary contest when he didn’t play? The January 8 New Hampshire primary where he surprisingly lost to Hillary Clinton. I’m not sure who will play against the Democrat, but I would watch out for his long-range shooting.

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