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BLOG: Man’s Final Wish: Vote

KOAA News in Florida has this story (and video) about a senior who knew he had to cast his absentee ballot before undergoing a triple bypass surgery. A few days ago, Lloyd Chamberlain of Merritt Island, Fla., made sure to put his ballot in the mail on the way to the hospital. Just hours later, Chamberlain died on the operating table.

His ballot counted in last night’s election, but it may have been cast in vain: The Associated Press reports that Chamberlain voted for McCain. Florida was blue in this election for the first time this century, last voting for a Democrat in 1996.

ABC News also reports that Barack Obama’s grandmother, who died just a day before her grandson was elected the nation’s first black president, also had her vote counted. Madelyn Dunham put her absentee ballot in the mail on Oct. 27 and she helped send all four of Hawaii’s electoral votes to Obama last night. Dunham was 86.

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