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Oakland Cops and Firefighters Partner with Head Start and Hoopoe Books


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November  14, 2008

Oakland Cops and Firefighters Partner with Head Start and Hoopoe Books

Kids Learn that Good Reading and Thinking Skills Keep Them Street-Safe

WHAT: Oakland police officers and firefighters will visit City of Oakland Head Start Program children for a Hoopoe book read-along event. Head Start has partnered for the event with Hoopoe Books Share Literacy Program, which has donated 1, 179 books to their program. Share Literacy is funded by a grant from the Kaiser Permanente Community Grants Program.

WHEN:   Thursday, November,  20th, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
WHERE: City of Oakland Head Start Program site at 1058 West Grand Avenue
WHO:     40 children (three to five years old)
Oakland Police officers from Patrol Division, Area One
Oakland firefighters from Station 3

WHY: Making children aware of their surroundings plays a big role in their learning process and helps keep them safe. When kids learn to read they’re more aware of pedestrian and traffic signs and what’s happening around them. Early understanding of police officers and firefighters as positive role models in their communities helps kids develop a sense of respect and keeps them on the right path to stay in school and keep out of trouble.

Los Altos-based Share Literacy Program is based on a rich tradition of storytelling from Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Middle East. Teaching-Stories, the name given to this literary genre, were almost unknown in Western cultures. Educators and psychologists now recognize these stories’ unique ability to develop high-level thinking in both children and adults. While entertaining for children, the stories also help them to see things in new ways – the stories foster perception, intuition and self-confidence.

AUDIO/VISUAL: Police officers and firefighters will participate in a Hoopoe book read-along session and talk with the kids about how good reading and thinking skills help keep them safe on the street. Officers and firefighters will also hand out personal copies of the book for each child. The kids will get an “up close” look a fire engine and firefighting equipment.

CONTACT: Oakland Head Start: Veronica  Martinez-Elvira, Family Services Coordinator
Pete Verral, Media Relations, Hoopoe Books Share Literacy Program
Tel: 415-831-4188/Cell: 415-871-1706/E-mail:


Head Start’s comprehensive child development program fosters social skills and school readiness in children (three to five years old) from low-income families. The program is based  in the philosophy that each child has the right to learn, explore and develop at their own pace. Parents and family members are supported by opportunities to be involved with Head Start activities.

Hoopoe Books Share Literacy Program is a nation-wide program first introduced in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006. Share Literacy partners with early education agencies serving poverty level and low-income families, after-school programs and organizations providing ESL and adult literacy instruction. Share Literacy will distribute over 15,000 books to Bay Area needy children in 2008. Share Literacy’s Bay Area programs and book donations are funded by a grant from the Kaiser Permanente Community Grants Program.

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