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Insect Monoprints in El Cerrito

Artist Gail Morrison will be showing a selection of her Insect Monoprints in the lobby of the El Cerrito Community Center from March 3 to April 29, 2009.

The Insect Monoprints begin as larger-than-life pen and ink drawings which are transferred to solar etching plates, using the sun to expose the plates and water to develop them.

Meanwhile, using either oil paint or etching inks, Morrison prints colorful monotype backgrounds on fine printmaking paper. Then, in a second pass through the press, she prints the etching over the background. The result shows a dramatic contrast between the swirling abstract colors and the crisp drawing of the insect.

Morrison’s hope is that by getting a closer look, people will come to regard insects as our fellow creatures on the planet, and not just annoyances. They are everywhere, and although they sometimes bother us, they are just trying to make their way in the world like everybody else. They are small, but their bodies have very complex shapes and structures. The more closely you look, the more interesting they become.

The address of the Community Center is 7007 Moeser Lane in El Cerrito. The Insect Monoprints are on view during the hours the Community Center is open, generally Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Holiday Gift Sale and Art Show

El Cerrito nature photographer and artist Heidi Rand, of Garden Delights Arts & Crafts, will hold a Holiday Gift Sale & Art Show on December 6th-7th and 13th-14th, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at Glenn Custom Framing and Gallery of Art, 7027 Stockton Ave., El Cerrito.

Rand photographs local flora and fauna, specializing in images of butterflies, hummingbirds, California native plants, as well as roses and orchids, and much more! Her original, unique arts and crafts are ideal gifts for women, men, children and pets, including wearable art (silk scarves, purses, shirts, tote bags), decorative and practical home decor (handmade soap, sachets, light switch plates, mugs, nightlights, pillows, tile boxes), mixed-media one-of-a-kind artwork, cards, and more. Many unique handmade items priced under $20.*

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“Thirst”, free documentary film at Cerrito Theater

A documentary film by Berkeley filmmakers Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman
Plus: A public discussion led by the filmmakers on a range of environmental issues, including governmental approaches to pressing environmental problems.

“Thirst,” a 2004, hour-long, award-winning documentary, provides a piercing look at the conflict between public stewardship and private profit of water, perhaps the most important natural resource on the planet, one that is critical both to human health and to the economic well being of all nations.

2 p.m. Sunday March 1 at the Cerrito Theater, 10070 San Pablo Ave. (2 blocks from the El Cerrito Plaza BART). Admission is free! Food and beverages are available at this unusual theater.

Sponsored by The League of Women Voters of West Contra Costa County and the city of El Cerrito’s Environmental Quality Committee.

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