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Park District Measure Passes

(Photo by Deane Little/Courtesy of East Bay Parks)


On November 4, voters in Alameda and Contra Costa counties passed Measure WW with 71 percent approval. The measure extended an existing regional park bond measure to the tune of $500 million, to be distributed over the next 20 years.

“I think that it’s a tribute to the people [for] recognizing the value of the park district and wanting to have more parks and more opportunities in the future,” said Jack Kenny, chief of parks for the East Bay Regional Park District.

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Prop 8 Brings Hurt and Uncertainty for Local Couple

Jennings, right, campaiging on Tuesday with Sharon Lewis.

Jennings, right, campaigning on Tuesday with Sharon Lewis.


For Joyce Jennings, Tuesday’s election brought both a sense of jubilation and a measure of defeat. While Jennings was thrilled about the country electing its first black president, California passed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages, a move that meant, “racism is still prevalent in our culture,” according to Jennings.

“I’m feeling really sad,” said Jennings on Wednesday afternoon. She said that she was still hanging on to sliver of hope, as the absentee ballots had not been counted yet. But a win for the other side had already been declared on many news stations, and it was unlikely things were going to change.

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No on Prop 8 Supporters Campaign Until Last Minute


If you heard honking on the streets of El Cerrito today, it probably had little to do with the traffic.

The No on Prop 8 campaign is making last-minute efforts near local polling places on sidewalks and street corners, and many cars are using their horns to voice their support.

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Measure D has Homeowners and Schools at Odds


State education budget cuts have forced Castro Elementary School in El Cerrito, like many public schools throughout the state, to do more with less. Despite the loss of hours for librarians, school psychologists, and the elimination of the music program, Castro Elementary continues to thrive and exceed state performance standards. However, if voters decide against the Measure D parcel tax, schools in the West Contra Costa School District will face continued challenges. Read the full story

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