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Rest of the World Watching

From an editorial in the UK’s Guardian:

“So often crudely caricatured by others, the American people yesterday stood in the eye of history and made an emphatic choice for themselves and for the world.”

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Prop 8 Passing

With 60% of the vote tallied, according the the CA Secretary of State, 53.1% has voted “yes” on Prop 8, while 46.9% has voted “no”.

Prop 8 Eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry.

As earlier reported, the spending on the Proposition exceeded $70 million, almost evenly split between those for and those opposed.  Of this money, 30% came from out-of-state.

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House Rules for Democrats

With 16 seats still undecided the U.S. House of Representatives will be controlled by the Democrats for the next term.

After tonight, 250 Democrats will hold seats in the House compared to 169 for the Republicans.

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Democrats Control Senate

With four Senate races still undecided, the Democrats now control 56 seats.  The Republicans control 40. Some of the major races, those where states changed parties, where reported earlier.

Power changed hands from a Republican to a Democrat in this year’s Senate race in the following states:

In Colorado Mark Udall won, while his cousin Tom won in New Mexico.  In Virginia, Mark Warner won.  In North Carolina, Kay Hagan won, and in New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen takes over.

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No Rest for the Weary

Now that Barack Obama is the new President Elect, he’s got his work cut out for him.

Due to the current economic crisis, two wars, and a smattering of other tough issues, Obama is going to meet with his transition team tomorrow at noon.

Past President Elects have usually enjoyed a brief honeymoon after a campaign season.

Among Obama’s most pressing issues are appointing an economic security team and assuming the role of Commander-in-Chief, according to analysts.

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President-Elect Barack Obama just finished his victory speech.

Following his acknowledgment of the bravery and sacrifice of his opponent, Sen. John McCain, Obama used his speech as a call to action.

He relayed a story of a 106-year-old voter from Atlanta. From the Depression to World War II, from Civil Rights to the current financial crisis – America has seen tough times before. Today, once again, she got to vote for change.

Obama moved the crowd in Chicago and moved Americans across the country.

The crowd answered Obama’s call to action with a ubiquitious “Yes We Can.”

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McCain Concedes

BY DANIEL MCGLYNN //  Senator John McCain, in a teary-eyed speech, conceded the presidential race to now President-Elect Barack Obama.

McCain spoke respectfully of Obama’s persistence and said he recognized that this was a historic election and a special night for African Americans.

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El Cerrito Votes

El Cerrito Focus went to the polls today to hear what voters had to say. Read the full story

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CNN is calling the Race.  Barack Obama is the new president.

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Flip Flop As Votes Get Counted

The positions have flip-flopped in the battleground states of North Carolina and Virginia.  It was earlier reported by the El Cerrito Focus and the New York Times that McCain was winning in Virginia while Obama was winning in North Carolina.  Now, with nearly 90 percent of the vote reported, it appears that VA will go to Obama, while NC will go to McCain.

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