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BLOG: No Joke: Former Comic Still Alive in Minnesota Senate Race

Long-time political commentator, comedian and liberal radio host Al Franken fulfilled a promise to run for a senate seat in Minnesota this year, and performed very well against incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman on Tuesday. So well, in fact, that he finished just 727 votes behind the Republican, which will force an automatic recount of the votes. Franken, a Democrat, is alleging that some voting difficulties arose in Minneapolis, and has refused to concede the race. You can read the Associated Press’ story about it here.

A victory by Franken would up the Democrat’s advantage in the senate to at least 55. Currently, Yahoo! reports the Democrats have 54 seats to the Republicans’ 40. Independents control two seats in the senate, and Yahoo! has not declared a winner in four close senate races.

The two independents, former Democrat Sen. Joe Lieberman and Sen. Bernie Sanders, currently caucus with the Democrats.

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BLOG: Senate Update

MSNBC news is reporting the Democrats have gained three more seats in the Senate, upping their advantage to 52. If you include the two independent senators who caucus with the Democrats, they currently have 54 seats with more still up for grabs tonight.

Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina has lost her seat to state Sen. Kay Hagan, while former Gov. Mark Warner has won the seat in Virginia being vacated by Republican Sen. John W. Warner (no relation).

In New Hampshire another former governor, Jeanne Shaheen, unseated Republican John Sununu.

MSNBC has the report.

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